How to get the most out of your Ink Outside the Box academic planner

We want to make sure you’re using your planner to its full capacity, so here are the ways we think you’ll benefit most from using the planner:

  1. Use highlighters to colour code different types of commitment so that they’re super easy to see. I personally use different colours for lectures, clubs and societies, social activities, tutorials and seminars, and employed work. This visual aid really, really helps when taking a quick glance at your day/week.
  2. Take an hour or two at the beginning of the year to fill in all the little details. We’ve left spaces for you to write in which rooms you need to go to for certain tutorial groups, lectures, classes, sports commitments, or meetings with staff. We’ve also added in space to fill in your timetable, write in key contact details, and note down books you’re recommended. USE THESE FEATURES. Honestly, sitting down and dedicating some time to filling in all this information when you’re given it at the beginning of the year will save you SO. MUCH. TIME. (and stress) in the long run. You end up with a book which has all the information you could ever need in it, right at your fingertips. 
  3. We’ve broken down each month so you have a complete overview of the month ahead as well as weekly spreads. These also have a day-by-day breakdown, so you can write in fixed tasks and their times, as well as general to-do lists. You could also write in what meals you’re planning to cook each day, a quote of the day, or a book you want to read. 
  4. There are sections in this academic planner to keep track of things which are not academic – it’s also a life planner. There are sections to keep track of everyone’s birthdays, timetable planners, and loads more! Also utilise these resources! 
  5. In the weekly spreads, there’s a space next to each individual date that we’ve left blank for you to use as you wish. I personally use this space to write in what I’m going to cook for dinner each night, but you could write an overall goal for the day, what you’re going to read that day, a birthday, or a little reminder to yourself. The choice is yours!
How to get the most out of your Ink Outside the Box academic planner