What’s new with the 2020-21 academic planner?

We spoke to our wonderful customers who gave us incredibly valuable insights into what they loved about the last planner, and what they wanted us to improve!

  1. The design: Structurally, we’ve stuck with the same layout for the weekly spreads because we know you all love it – it’s streamlined and perfect for maximising productivity. However, the design has been revamped with a new colour scheme and features on each page. We’re so proud of the new design and the colour scheme is *Italian chef kiss*
  2. The monthly spreads: At the beginning of each month is an overview of the entire month, so you can see it at a glance and plan longer term projects or holidays (pandemic-permitted). Last time around, you had to rotate the planner to use the monthly overview, but we’ve kept it the same way up as the rest of the planner this year! This should make it even easier to see and use.
  3. Dividers: We know you found the thicker monthly dividers useful, as they help to easily locate each individual month in the planner. So, we’ve also added in a little marker on the right of each page to make it even clearer which month you’re looking at with a quick glance. We want to make using the planner as easy and efficient as possible!
  4. Water tracker: Okay, we hear you. Last time around, the planners had a water tracker, and most people said it was a feature they didn’t really use. So, we’ve scrapped it to make more room for planning your week. If you did still want to keep track of how much water you’re drinking, you could draw a droplet per glass you drink next to the date of each month, where there’s space to add in your own notes.
  5. Habit trackers: One thing you did love was the habit tracker in our yearly planner. It wasn’t a feature in last year’s academic planner, but this year it IS! Plus, we’ve condensed it down to make it even easier to use. 
  6. Notes pages: We know you wanted more pages for notes, so we’ve delivered. In addition to this, we’ve added two pages for mind-maps so you can plan out your summer and your winter break. And EVEN MORE additionally, we added some totally blank pages to add doodles or notes which don’t need to be confined to a lined page. We’re well and truly sticking to our ethos of ‘ink outside the box’.
What’s new with the 2020-21 academic planner?