A little bit about us...

Ink Outside the Box is a brand for productivity, creativity, and ambition. It’s for those who draw outside the lines and will demand that their fantasies become realities. It’s a brand all about getting sh*t done. No excuses, no treading water, just hard work, determination, and imagination. Progress. Yikes - this paragraph turned out waaaay more dramatic than I anticipated, but let’s roll with it.

The vision for IOTB was simple: create a company which represented the dreamers and the doers, whilst providing them with the tools they need to do what they do best… create. Hopefully in time we’ll be able to equip you with even more fantastic, useful products, but for now I am so ridiculously proud to share our first ever product: the JACK-ademic planner. Or just ‘academic planner’ on days where I’m not being quite so narcissistic.

We’ve been working on this planner for SUCH a long time, trying to ensure every page is useful to the absolute optimum, and that every date is correct (just as laborious and repetitive a task as you’d probably expect, if you multiplied that amount by 12… although so worth it). I wanted to make a product which could be used every day and would be as streamlined as possible, so that not a single page is left without scribbles, and I hope you find that it’s the planner of your dreams too.

Check us out on Instagram at our cosy new home to stay in the loop. Now imagine me bouncing around the room with excitement. 

May the best plan win.